We call our method No Sweat Swimming!

We teach No Sweat Swimming 
for your breath, brain & body


Tuesday & Thursday Evenings -16 Lessons

May 30 - July 25, 2023

Group 1K - Kids 6-10 (must swim 25 yards without stress)                        7:15-8:00 PM
Group 2K - High School Athletes & Kids 11 & up (swim 100 +yards)         8:00-9:00 PM 
Group 1A - Adult & Teen Beginner Swimmers (no pre-requisite)               7:15-8:00 PM
Group 1R -Adult REFRESHER or Intermediate
                   (can't yet swim 100 yards with rhythm breathing)                    7:15-8:00 PM

Group 2A- Adult Swimmers & Triathletes-  swim 100+ yards               8:00-9:00 PM  

 $265 for all this!
$250 for former members
$15 discount for second family member
$15 Early Bird Discount through Monday May 8


Youth Program

Swimmers In the youth program learn or improve all four competitive swim strokes in only sixteen nights. High school swimmers can prepare for their fall season, and athletes from any sport can use our swim program as cross training.Many athletes have done this over the years. At Jensen Beach, we had a swimmer named Jesse who swam with mainly to prepare for his primary sport which was wrestling. In the process he became a terrific swimmer! Some kids go on to USA Swimming and others come back to us year after year - to swim, to volunteer, and sometimes to become paid assistant coaches.All of our coaches have been through our program as swimmers when they were younger and they all know the method they’ve been trained in that we continue to use, with enhancements each year. The youth program includes two groups-beginning and advanced competitive swimmers.

Our Beginners (1K, for kids) must have completed kindergarden and able to swim one lap (25 yards) without stress. That is the length of Ravenswood Pool. They don’t have to look pretty,  that’s our job! We know little kids, and we know that they tend to get distracted or go underwater if we do much talking when kids are in the pool.To give them the best possible instruction, we run the Beginner group this way-In the fifteen minutes before we get in the water, we teach the breathing, brain and coordination exercises that make it easier for them to focus.In fact, these exercises are helpful for working on other challenging tasks including homework. We teach or review the skill and have swimmers go through the motions on land. We find that they learn complex skills quickly when we do it this way, which only makes the lessons more enjoyable for them.

Youth Group 2K, is for middle and high school swimmers who can swim at least four laps. That’s 100 yards. (A lap is one way in swimming.) High school swimmers have greatly benefitted from the superior stroke mechanics they learned from us, and by getting this head start over the summer. It was this summer program that helped build the Jensen Beach High School team over the first four years, from thirteen kids who could barely swim to a team that challenged the most competitive teams in the area in many races. We help high school athletes use swimming for cross training.Put upir teen in the youth group and you (mom and/or dad) come to swim practice with them all summer. Guarteed accomplishment.

Adult Program

For adults, we offer a Beginners class for adults who cannot swim at all, or cannot swim a lap without stress. Approximately half of the adults in America can not swim 25 yards to save their lives. We are out to change this dangerous statistic.

Adults come to us to swim or swim better. Some are triathletes and some are mere mortals! A few are former competitive swimmers but most are not. They discover that our program serves as a refresher class or provides the instruction and coaching they never had. At least not the way we teach swimmers to fully utilize their breath, brain and body to swim smoothl

The easier people can swim, the safer they are and the more they enjoy it. The more they swim, the more amazing benefits they get. Swimmers report a significant mood lift including feeling good in and about one’s body. In addition to perfecting freestyle for distance and speed, adults learn some alternative strokes including a fast, easy, efficient form of sidestroke that’s great for safety and speed and is rarely taught well enough to be useful. Triathletes and all adults find that using a variety of strokes promotes better muscle balance than swimming freestyle only.And this leads to less pain down the line. 

The variety contributes to making swimming the pleasurable and beneficial activity it is, especially once it becomes easy to do it well.

Our adult beginner swimmers

Adults come to us to swim or swim better. Some are triathletes and some are mere mortals. We provide a refresher class and the coaching

Adult Groups

Adult Group 1

In Group 1, we offer a fun, effective program for adult beginners, and a process for the intermediate swimmers who were beginners last time, to get two regular swim practices per week and to further improve their skills and begin to call themselves swimmers.

Adult Group 2

In Adult Group 2, our high level athletes from the triathlete community, the running community and from Cross Fit have found that we can help them swim better and faster, with less effort than before. For some this is about competition. For others it’s about fitness, weight management, and stress relief.

The Swim Squad will participate in the Aaron Vaughn Frogman Swim & Run in Jensen Beach on Saturday, June 25. This is an awesome family event that we have participated in every year. An ocean swim practice will be held two weeks earlier. Please plan to attend if at all possible.


See the video TC Palm did on our summer program for adult beginners.

Private and small group lessons available now.

PRIVATE LESSONS available by arrangement in Vero. Message or call
Coach Deni at 772-285-5917.

6 Private Lessons - $450

or 12 Lessons
for the price of 10- $750


Deni Gillespie

Founder & Head Coach
Professional Coach since college, with 25 Graduate & Undergraduate Credits in Sport Science
& Aquatics
Coach Deni Gillespie is the founder of the Swim Squad and the creator of the Breath, Brain & Body swim system we use. Locally, she built the Jensen Beach High School team the first four years and helped the team quickly grow into a local contender. Her business is called No Sweat Swimming. Coach Deni is an innovative coach who loves teaching people to swim or swim better. Her love of the sport of swimming began at age 8 and led to the profession she has enjoyed since becoming a lifeguard at age 15.Just this spring, at almost 70 years old, Deni took the Lifeguarding course again and became recertified in Lifeguarding. Deni is also a licensed occupational therapy professional and the owner of Swim Prescription Aquatic Therapy. Coach Deni is a certified USA Swim Coach, and a United States Masters Swim Coach and Adult Learn to Swim Instructor.She has been a certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor for more than fifty years.

 Amanda Simmons

Coach Amanda will be in training this summer to become a federal law enforcement officer for the Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Committee. She will be at the FWC Academy in Tallahassee. We hope she may be able to join us for the events we have on Saturdays- the ocean swim practice on June 10, the Aaron Vaughn Frogman Swim on June 25, and the Race to the Wreck in Vero on the morning of the 4th of July. Amanda has played a vital role in developing the Swim Squad and she expects to return in 2024.


I learned more about improving my technique from Deni in one lesson than I have
working with others. Her knowledge and expertise make her one of the very best swim
coaches on the Treasure Coast. Don’t delay. Call Deni today!”

Cynthia Farlardeau,
Vero Beach Florida Ironman & Endurance Enthusiast
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